“Hello New York” was my opener said with a warm and comforting smile. The audience smiled with a glow in their eyes and said hello back. Then I continued: “This presentation is about my fifty years of positive and peaceful contact with a council and coalition of worlds based throughout our solar system, in the earth and beneath our oceans.
Their seeming unfriendliness and frugal positive intervention has to do with negative G8 governmental posture which is acting to keep up a curtain of interstellar isolationism—and their influence over a large portion of the masses. Before I get into my experiences, let me bring to mind some relevant Earth/societal history.
“An ancient human group of despots or tyrannical infiltrators have been slowly and steadily taking over the governments, science, technology and religion acting on their multi-generational/multi-millennial plan of global conquest. But Christendom, for instance, didn’t begin as a religion. It was simply called: "The Way." One major foul stemming from the hostile takeover was the reduction of divine election to no more than part and parcel of the common grace. This ensured despot infiltration of the Church and meant control over the majority of global affairs which began large scale during the time of Nero.
A classic example of this control is when Galileo was muzzled at the pains of torture and death over his discovery of four moons orbiting Jupiter which stood in factual opposition to Church authority and their postulation of terracentrism (that is, the idea that everything in the physical universe had to revolve around the earth). You don't have to read his paper. All you have to do is see this dear man's sketches on the bottom of the page illustrating the movement of the moons around our solar system's giant. And, of course, people with less public acclaim were tortured and put to death regularly for far less underneath the radar of history. Galileo walked, but the ordeal shortened his life considerably.

Today, descendents and trustees of the original despots rule the Bilderburgers, the Trilateral Commission and the Council on Foreign Relations and are masters at mind control. A word, a look, a tone or a one liner and the mainstream is influenced. And their misuse of media and motion picture makes their persuasion globally sweeping and instantaneous. Moreover, their members and associates are comprised of hundreds of world leaders: Puppets in government, industry, military, science, media and religion.
Friends, these people do not want peace with a myriad of worlds that would prove to be helpful to all. It means total technological conversion which threatens billionaires and tyrants but will serve all life and mankind together. We are in a condition of forced interstellar isolationism and needlessly in chains to futility especially at present. And understand that this is a high crime against God and mankind.
The present global systems and technology are destroying the earth and all life. Certain people living on this planet, and NOT the “aliens,” are the ones perpetrating the deforestation, hydrogen bombs, UF6 and depleted uranium destruction of the food chain, fossil fuel emissions and global warming, inexcusable taxes and high costs, war, poverty, famine, disease and constant stress on every person and every living thing. This way of life can no longer stand or be tolerated. And notice still how not a single epidemic or harm against our planet has ever come from contact. However, visitors are on high alert and are not about to hand over their technology or crew just to prove they are here as long as our governments remain irresponsible and aggressive. Instead, they work with people like us and intentionally appear to videographers such as at Mexico City and Phoenix.”
I brought this next point to bear on June 21st to a slumbering press. However, when I bring it up again, they will say, “I heard about that. Will you fill us in please?” Glad to. And I went into more detail at this point during my presentation saying: “My dad was secretively working for the government on space folding by 1939 based on the Einstein-Rosen bridge: the professors’ mathematically proven traversable wormhole published in 1933.
We see the tip of the iceberg with the Philadelphia Experiment in 1943. People were killed, fused into the hull of the USS Eldrige, missing in space-time, deformed and disabled for life. This “Time Tunnel” incident on the open sea was so amazing and yet so devastating to many that it would not be covered up even by three letter death threats or worse. So a cover story was leaked as a pacifier/red herring/black shroud: An invisibility experiment foul-up. Friends, invisibility (or cloaking) will not move a person or naval vessel one inch by itself. The Eldrich was moved from the coast of Virginia to the Coast of Nova Scotia in the blink of an eye which indicates space folding. Researchers now (after 74 years) admit the "possibility" of this technology but with a detractor that the power needed to cross the universe would be too great (another words leaving it infirm and subject to question and skepticism). Before this, it was about breaching light speed which was then also regarded as impossible.
This kind of flagrant, out of hand, hypnotic parlor debunkery, that has more the signature of alphabet arm twisting than of science, has tended to halt everything—but not anymore. One very sloppy omission on the part of researchers and science is very clear: Branching. It’s right there in the Einstein-Rosen papers. You don’t have to generate power enough to cross the universe. The universe is spider-webbed with naturally occurring passageways like super highway systems and mountain tunnels. You only need to create a branch.
Finally, when you learn to operate in hyperspace, you will be able to enter and exit at any point in the physical universe as well as have direct access to infinite sources of power.

So we know beyond a shadow of doubt that visitors are indeed able to get here and with negligible incident as well. In fact, a very large number of diverse species are working together based throughout our solar system with others passing through regularly or being added to the group. Again, the larger the diverse group, the better off we are. The more human looking varieties are the ones who most commly interface with man.
And we will not fall under the agenda of any single power. Rather, we will be sustained to the fullest in a highly regarded state of being “those who overcame” and as members of a large spiritual and intellectual group bearing infinite talents and abilities for the common good—much like an interstellar UN only much better and far more vastly equipped than our own in this present day. Any and all problems can be fixed without guns, greed and tyranny. Our wisest members have already made this point long ago while society’s “captains” have continued to regard these masters as fringe and myth.”

Then I shared my experiences which can be accessed from the Links
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“In closing, I thank you all for ensuring freedom of intellectual speech and expression, for going forth with spirit, mind and conviction to End All War and Convert Earth's Technology, and for Embracing the Universe and Us as part of your Home and Environment. God bless and thanks for coming. I love you all.”